Medication compounding is the process of combining and mixing ingredients to create a medication that is tailored to an individual patient. Compounds require 24 hour notice to prepare.

Our compounds are non-commercial, specialized and individualized prescribed medications which include bio-identical hormone therapy and topical pain relief. We can also compound tablets into oral liquids or suppositories for those with swallowing difficulties.


Our ethos is to dispense in the most cost effective manner, dispensing generics where possible and sourcing branded products from the most affordable vendors. 

Our pharmaceutical blister packs provide a simple solution to confusing multi dose regimens. We can dispense your medication into weekly or monthly packages arranged around your lifestyle.


Our pharmacists are experts in medicine and can offer free healthcare advice on all your minor health concerns. As qualified healthcare professionals, we can offer over-the-counter remedies for a range of minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, sore throat, and aches and pains.


We can offer free island wide delivery with 24 hours notice.


We were the first pharmacy to advocate for the availability of CBD on the island. Our pharmacist Jennie has attended international medical cannabis conferences and has presented educational seminars to inform the public and healthcare professionals on the subject.

We only import the highest strength, organic, whole plant extract and dilute it in-house to individual needs. This way we can be confident in its concentration.